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Acquaworld – Bluwater spa




Bluwater spa


Concorezzo (MB)


Integrated Design - PM - Site Management


2008 - 2010

The structure is defined by a highly innovative and high-impact architecture that uses cutting-edge materials, designed with great attention to saving and recovery energy (production “on its own”), including the best technologies for management home automation. Most important attributes:

  • Minimized negative impacts of the immediate environment, both urban and natural, using all the necessary technical and functional precautions.
  • Summer and winter air conditioning are obtained thanks to the use of heat pumps that exploit the groundwater present on site. It is a renewable energy source that allows high levels of energy savings.


The load-bearing structure and the roof covering outline an architecture with a strong scenography impact, made possible using new technologies and by structural arrangements capable of transforming a simple container of functions into a highly articulated architectural complex. The roof covering plays a key role in the outcome of the concept, as it is the first perceptible visual element. It was made with a rarely used material in Italy: ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), an artificial polymer derived from fluorine – the main ingredient – which, combined with hydrogen sulfate and trichloroethane, generates a film with very high technical-physical performance. ETFE is the only material that allows to maximize the internal structural scheme of the Aquatic and Wellness Park.


Among its peculiarities, it is also worth mentioning the high resistance to internal artificial conditions and the possibility of letting UV sun rays pass through, which guarantees the possibility of tanning even when you are inside a covered structure. The project is spread over an area located in the municipality of Concorezzo, a few kilometers from Milan. It is the FIRST LARGE AQUATIC PARK and COVERED WELLNESS in our country; among the first in Europe for its characteristics of excellence:


1. opens all year;

2. usable in all weather conditions;

3. with 12 internal and external pools, for a total area of 2,150 sqm;

4. about 1,100 linear meters of slides;

5. garden of over 7,000 square meters;

6. a capacity to accommodate up to 1,500 people simultaneously.


WATER. The absolute protagonist is water: it is the main element of the entire project.