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Analysis of the water supply network in Val d’Illasi – Acque Veronesi S.c.a.r.l.


Analysis of the water supply network in Val d’Illasi


Acque Veronesi S.c.a.r.l.


Val d’Illasi (Province of Verona)





J+S S.r.l. was appointed by Acque Veronesi S.c.a.r.l. to study the water supply network in Val d’Illasi in order to identify the ancillaries within the network, as well as to investigate potential solutions to water scarcity during summer months.


The first phase of the project consisted of pre-site visits to identify ancillary characteristics and operations within the Val d’Illasi network. This helped create network schematics and identify the interactions with other supply networks.


A hydraulic model was built to replicate the existing water supply network and to detect critical areas. This led to strategies for improving the network performance aimed at reducing the use of low quality well water.


Finally, monitoring networks for future District Metered Areas (DMA) assessments were designed in order to optimise clean water management.


All the above analyses allowed a full understanding, albeit simplified, of the existing clean water network performance within Val d’Illasi, highlighting the key problems to be resolved and the key principles to be used for network management.