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41 Sewage Management Plans – BrianzAcque Srl


41 Sewage Management Plans


BrianzAcque Srl


Different locations


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2015 - IN CORSO

BrianzAcque (BA) appointed J+S to prepare a number of Sewage Management Plans (SMPs) associated with the different sewerage catchments within BA region. The aim of the project was to identify the key problems within the sewerage networks, such as flooding areas or operational/structural issues, as well as to test possible schemes and solutions.


J+S have recently delivered the SMP for Monza catchment using the leading industry software for integrated catchment modelling InfoWorks ICM. This software allows modelling all assets of sewerage networks, including manholes, pipes as well as ancillaries such as combined sewer overflows (CSOs), pumping stations, storage tanks.


During the first phase of the study all key problems within the sewerage network were identified, considering also data related to historical flooding. Several options and schemes were then tested to solve such hydraulic problems and to improve the overall network performance. The final schemes were defined and selected thanks to J+S great experience in hydraulic design.