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Water supply network modelling and leak detection – Amiacque Srl


Water supply network modelling and leak detection


Amiacque Srl


Province of Milan




2017 - IN CORSO

The study includes the analysis of a total of 500 km of water supply network managed by Amiacque srl across a number of municipalities within the Province of Milan. The aims of this project include hydraulic modelling, District Metered Areas (DMA) design, leak detection. The project consists of four main phases, including detailed analyses of existing networks and creation of validated hydraulic models to be used for future planning.


During the first stage, all available data is gathered and analysed in order to fully understand the existing network performance and capabilities, as well as to identify water demands across the network. Flow and pressure surveys are undertaken in order to design the DMAs, whereas night time step-tests help identifying minimum night demands which in turn provide estimates of leaks within the network. Results from the initial analyses are used to build hydraulic models, invaluable tools for large scale as well as detailed studies. Each model is validated based on recorded data to maximise the reliability of the model predictions.